Submission and Publication Rules

The journal accepts for publication original texts in Russian, English, German and French. The editorial council of the journal Art of Music. Theory and History considers the materials submitted in accordance to the following requirements:

  • The text’s length (including footnotes) cannot exceed 140 000 characters (with spaces).
  • The number of illustrations (including music examples, audio and video files) must negotiated with the editors.
  • The texts and illustrations are submitted via email.
  • The expertise of the materials is carried out by the journal’s editorial council.

The article submitted for publication must be accompanied by:

  • The article’s abstract (up to 800 characters) in Russian and English, with the article’s title in both languages.
  • Key words (5–10 in all) in Russian and English.
  • The basic information about the author(s), including the degree(s), position(s) and e-mail address(es), in Russian and English.

Rules of presentation of articles and illustrations:

  • Texts are accepted in the MS Word format.
  • All notes must have consecutive numbering and should be placed at the foot of the page.
  • Font – Times New Roman; font size – 14 (texts), 12 (notes and bibliography).
  • Quotes – ‘…’, quotes in quotations – “…”.
  • Each article must end with a bibliography. The references to quoted sources must be formatted according to accepted publishing practice.
  • The illustrations are accepted in the TIFF or JPG formats (300–600 dpi); the musical illustrations – in the MP3 format.
  • The captions for illustrations, audio and video excerpts must include the names of the author(s) and performer(s), the work’s title, the name of the producing firm and the year of production.

The materials that do not meet these requirements cannot be considered for publication.

No publication fees are charged; no fees are paid to the author(s).

In accordance with the Russian legislation, non-exclusive rights for the publication of manuscripts are handed by the author(s) over the periodical’s founder and publisher (the State Institute for Art Studies). The authors guarantee that the texts submitted for publication in the periodical are their original texts, which have not been officially handed to other parties for reproduction or other use. The authors are responsible for the content of their texts and for the fact of their publication.

The materials for publication must be sent to the email address of the editorial office: